The Well 2
The Well

THE WELL | Permanent site-specific sound installation at the Institut

Suédois (in English, Swedish Institute) in Paris.

The Well is a site-specific sound installation developed for the garden of the Swedish Institute in Paris. The work’s sound material is based on the names of people connected to the place from the 16th century

to the present. The sound material is compiled into a vital live patch comprising hundreds of names. The work is located in a dried-out well in the centre of the garden. From the well emanates a low-voiced sound texture based on the names that, through an aleatoric real-time process, themselves undergo a transformation that seeks to create a link between past and present.

Commissioner: Public Art Agency Sweden.

Curators: Ann Magnusson, AM Public.

Software developer: Andre Bartetzki.

Technical concept and realization: Manfred Fox.

Voices: Astrid Bayiha, Amaya Lainez, Yana Maizel, Mathieu Saccucci, Olivier Hahn, and Emmanuel Gautier.

Link: AM Public

Link: Institut Suédois