Songs From the Backside of Society

Songs From the Backside of Society (2016)

Varberberg Fortress (2016) Nyköpingshus (2017)

A commission from Art Inside Out Halland

with generous help from KRIS, Kriminellas revansch i samhället, Halmstad

Songs From the Backside e of Society is a sonic work

based on interviews with ex-criminals experiences of

the act of imprisonment, that is, the act of being detained

and not having excess to society.

What implications does that have in the daily life as prisoner, in terms of missing? What can you live without?

How could the society turn better? Is there at all space

for longing?

Implemented at the entress of the ancient fortress of Varberg respectevely Nyköpingshus, the work conceptually connects to the sites histories of once been used as prisons.

The work could be experienced as streams of voices shifting between single voices and a whole choir, filling the space.


Voices: actors from Theater Halland:

Maria Ericson, Petter Heldt, Oscar Ohlson, Örjan Hamrin and Sonja Lund.

Sound-recording assistance: studio Christian Silver

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Above: Installation view from Nyköpingshus.

Below: Photo documentation from Varberg's fortress. Yellow dots represent loudspeaker positions

on site.