Sky brought down

Sky Brought Down (2017)

16- real-time-controlled sonification of

the sky outside Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Commissioner: Konstenheten, Västra Götalandsregionen (in English, the Arts Division of Region Västra Götaland).

Curator: Brita Bahlenberg.

Software developer: Andre Bartetzki.

Technical concept and realization: Manfred Fox.

Sky Brought Down was developed for a new indoor atrium and main staircase at the Center for Imaging and Intervention at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, where a glass ceiling allows a visual direct contact with the sky, which is subsequently sonified in the building

through the work.

The work takes as its conceptual foundation the sky outside the hospital. A weather station on the roof of the hospital forwards weather data in real time to the sound installation. This data is transformed into different types of sound textures.

Low pressure systems, high pressure systems, precipitation, wind speed, wind pressure, and light all generate different sorts of sonic expressions in real time, according to a complex structure of algorithms.

A total of 16 speakers, which are mounted behind the wooden panelling that runs through the atrium from floor to ceiling, provide for a vertical listening experience.


Below: Red spots illustrate  10 of 16 loudspeakers installed behind the  wooden panneling on site inside Sahlrenska university hospital.

Above: Weather station on top of Sahlgrenska university hospital forwarding weather data. Photo: Nadim photography. (Detail of original photo)

Above: Concept drawing of vertical panning of sounds on site.

Below: Concept drawing "Sky brough down".

Åsa Stjerna & Christian Hörgren.