Ein Meer
Skärmavbild 2021-12-02 kl. 10.33.50

EIN MEER AUS HERZSCHLAG | Site-specific sound installation for St. Petri Friedhof, Braunschweig, Germany.

Historical cemetery, 47 hidden loudspeakers, 1000 metres

of hidden loudspeaker cable.

At klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2017, this sound art work is the only one that can only be perceived auditorily. Nothing indicates an installation, nothing irritates the site, which is still clearly visible as a cemetery, the work blends in and barely noticeably changes the tonal and atmospheric quality of the site. The heartbeat, as unique as a fingerprint, becomes the compositional starting point as the fundamental rhythm of life: the point of departure for the considerations and the starting point for a contrapuntal composition with the cemetery and the silence of the graves as one voice and a large amount of heartbeats as the other.

Along the central avenue we look at the rows of graves overgrown with ivy, weathered writings, faded memory - a special aura is felt. Åsa Stjerna picks it up with her sound art work, makes it more conscious and experienceable in the structure of urban sounds: a synchronized sound field, constantly changing over time, based on imaginary heartbeats, lays over the green like an echo of earlier times. The walk between the weathered, over-mossed and overgrown stones becomes a walk through a sea of sounds - present life and past life connect directly in this poetic moment.

We thank Manfred Fox for the technical realization, the Unicorn Pharmacy for the energetic support.

(English translation of text from the Klangstaetten's website)

Commissioner: Allgemeiner Konsumverein e.V. Braunschweig as part of Klangstaetten-Stadtklaenge Braunschweig 2017

Curators: Dr Anne Müller von der Haegen and Prof. Ulrich Eller

Software developer: Andre Bartetzki

Technical engineer: Manfred Fox, Fox Engineering Berlin.

Link: Klangstaetten website

Link: Allgemeiner Konsumverein e.V. Braunschweig