Drawing a House

HOUSE DRAWING | Site-specific sound performance

Material: biodegradable white material. Speakers.

As part of Avfart Stockholm, 2022

Producer/Initiator: Zimm Hall 

Curator: Björn Norberg

In cooperation with: Konstfrämjandet

House Drawing explores how the future reshapes a place.

During the outdoor exhibition Avfart Stockholm – taking place in one of the few still existing abandoned areas in central Stockholm — the future office complex of the site was "drawn" in 1:1 scale as a double exposure directly on the site. The idea was to measure the impact of the multinational construction and real estate company NCC's planned building on the site. How big is the planned building? What will be left of the current site? As part of the act, speakers were placed on the 'drawing' for a few hours to accommodate perspective, distance and scale. Over the course of the exhibition, the 'drawing' slowly broke down by the microorganisms of the site, becoming one with the site.


Peter S.

Zimm Hall




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