University Hospital of Örebro, Sweden

(Spring, 2020)

Permanent sound installation in cooperation with artist Jesper Norda.

Commissioner: Örebro län

Jordens Sång /The Song of the Earth/

(December, 2019 )

Permanent sound installation for Boberg school, Stockholm

Commissioner: Stockholm Konst.

Information Stockholm Konst

Stockholmstidningen / Mossutställningar

(November, 2019 )

3 frågor [3 Questions]

Interview by urban planner and researcher Helen Runting. 

The Aesthetic Expression of Music Research


(October 25th, 2019)

        Symposium on Artistic Research In Music 

        Paper presentation at

        Sound Environment Centre in collaboration with The Royal       

        Swedish Academy of Music and Inter Arts Center, Malmö. 


Kulturnyheterna P1

(October 22d, 2019)

Interview on Sound as artistic medium in public space


Berliner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik e. V. 

BGNM's CARE series,

(September 11th, Berlin)

Featuring sound artist, composer, and sonic thinker Sam Auinger presenting recent work, followed by a discussion with Åsa Stjerna.


Nutida Musik, no 276

(September, 2019)

         Journal of Contemporary Music and Sound Art

Järn – ljud – bakterier

Cecilia Jonssons Transformationer

Om Jonssons konstverk Contemporary Diagram Berlin

[– Iron – Sound – Bacterias

Cecilia Jonsson's Transformations

On Jonsson's artwork Contemporary Diagram Berlin]

Nutida Musik, no 276

(September, 2019)

 Journal of Contemporary Music and Sound Art

Följdfrågan [Supplemantary Question]

Interview by Susanne Skog
on the future of the concept of sound art

Prix Art Electronica, Linz | Cyber Arts Exibition 2019

(September, 2019)

         Information about the exhibition

Swedish Research Council

(June 5th, 2019)

         Paper presentation:  "What is Artistic Research?"

         Presented at the Swedish Research Council's yearly internal                staff assemebly.

Public Art Dialogue Journal | Sound Sites

(June, 2019)

Co-editing special issue of the American journal Public Art Dialogue together with Charles Eppley, on sonic public art.

Information about Public Art Dialogue Journal

Book release, Ljudkonst, Publication

(May 11th,  2019)

Rönnells Antikvariat Stockholm

Red: Åsa Stjerna and Andreas Engström

OEI Editör

Kungl. Musikaliska akademiens skriftserie #140

Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift (smt) – Journal of Social Medicine  (May, 2019)

Contributing with a text on sitespecific sonic practice |  Special Issue on "Helth as Art" (Hälsa är konst)

Link to Issue

Ljudkonst, Publication


Red: Åsa Stjerna and Andreas Engström

OEI Editör

Kungl. Musikaliska akademiens skriftserie #140

336 pages including  14 essays on sound art translated into Swedish. Contributing aouthors include: Helga de la Motte-Haber, David Toop, Douglas Kahn, Volker Straebel, Barbara Barthelmes, Golo Föllmer, Gernot Böhme, Frauke Behrendt, Gascia Ouzounian, Brandon LaBelle, Salomé Voegelin, Seth Kim- Cohen, Christoph Cox och Tara Rodgers.

Information and ordering: OEI Editör

Share Music 

(April 9th and 10th, 2019)

        Invited to moderateInternational Symposium on Inclusive                   music as starting point for technological and artistic                           innovation.
         Pigalle, Nässjö and Concert Hall, Västerås, Sweden

Information about Share Music

Kulturnyheterna (Swedish Radio)

(February, 2019)

Interview on my  dissertation

Link to Interview (in Swedish)


Single Exhibition at the Aguélimuseum, Sala, Sweden

(August, 2018)

as part of a previous residence period at Sala municipaly.

Audiorama "Compoz" Book Release

(November 22d 2017)

Moderated discussion: Åsa Stjerna, Björn Norberg and Henrik Frisk

Information about the festival

Sky Brought Down/Himmel nedtagen

Official opening

(November 7th, 2017)

Permanent sound installation for Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset,

Gothenburg university hospital

The work, 16-channels vertically stretched out over five floors in a new atrium,

is a real-time based sound installation sonifiying the sky outside the buildning

Festival “Sonification – Audible Data Streams” 

 October, 2017)

Berlin Society of New Music

Information about the festival

– Live Performance: "Von Himmel Holen"

– Panel disussion: Sonification as extending compositional means: Sonifications‐Interfaces as Instrument?

Teilnehmer: Jasmine Guffond (AUS), Prof. Florian Dombois (CH), Marcus Schmickler (D), Åsa Stjerna (S),

Prof. Volker Straebel (D). Moderation: Marcus Gammel (D)

Klangstaetten– Stadtklaenge 2017

International Sound Art Exhibition, Braunschweig, Germany

September 2017

Sound of Sörmland 2017

(June-August, 2017)

Contributing with the sound installation "Songs From the Backside of Society"

Information about the installation

Drawing Commission, Stockholm Konst

(Spring, 2017)

Permanent soundart work

Finalist in the international competition

European Soundart Award 2016 /Marler Medienkunst-Preise 2016

Exhibition 23.10.2016-12.02.2017

Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Germany

Information about European Soundart Award

Pendula Bergiorum (Parken som Tid)

(Pendula Bergiorum (The Park as Time)

in OEI | Grön våglängd; trädgårdar, parker, växter

Ljud, Affekt och det offentliga rummet

– Ett samtal mellan Åsa Stjerna och Christoph Cox 

in Nutida Musik, hösten 2016

Sound, Affect and  Public Space

– A conversation between Åsa Stjerna and Christoph Cox

in Dirty Ear Report #1, Errant Bodies Press, Fall 2016

Information about Errant Bodies Press

Mare Balticum – A Sonic Portrait of the Baltic Sea

September 17th - November 9th 2016

Single Exhibition

KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

Information about KUMU Art Museum

Mare Balticum – A Sonic Portrait of the Baltic Sea

September-November 2016

Single exhibition

Ronneby Konsthall, Sweden

Information about Ronneby Konsthall

Songs from the backside of society | Sånger från samhällets baksida

– Site specific sound installation May 25th -September 30th

Entrence to  Varberg Fortress, Sweden | Varbergs fästning

Songs from the backside of society is a four channel sound installation

based on interwievs with ex-prisoners – one of the most excluded groups of society - and

their experience of NOT having access to the city and society as such.

Made in conjunction with the society of Criminals Return Into Society

KRIS – Kriminellas Revansch i Samhället, Halmstad.

As part of the residence "ArtInsideOut"

Information about Art inside Out

Stille und Krach. Workshop on Sound Art in Urban Space September 25th until October 3d 2016

Allgemeiner Konsumverein, Braunschweig, Germany

Information about Stille und Krach (In German)


The Well

– Permanent sound installation  (since 2014)

Swedish Institute, Paris

Commissioner: Swedish Art Agency

Information about the Well

Sky Brought Down/Himmel nedtagen 

– Permanent  sound installation (since 2017)

Permanent sound installation for Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset,

Gothenburg university hospital

Information about Sky Brought Down (Swedish)

Before Sound

– Transversal Processes in Site-Specific Sonic Practice (2018)

 Doctoral Thesis in Artistic Research

Academy of Music and Drama, University of  Gothenburg

 Link to dissertation