Sky Brought Down received an Honorary Mention at Prix Arts Electronica, Linz, 2019.

Jury's motivation:

Åsa Stjerna´s site-specific Sky Brought Down managed to touch the jury in its gentle vertical manifestation of connections between inside and outside by sonifying weather data. Set in a hospital atrium, connecting different crowdy spaces of the buildings, the site was chosen by the artist allowing for a more interventional approach than the mere “atmospheric” artwork for the waiting room that was originally asked for. By increasing the corporeal as well as conceptual experience of the site, she manages to establish an immersive relation between visitor and site. Even though it doesn’t demand any high attention of its audience, it generously soothes and helps balance the hospital sounds, without disturbing the fragile balance of an everyday work space. Åsa Stjerna has followed a long-term practice and dialogue with public spaces rather than gallery art. Her theoretical and philosophical reflections on sound art and her own practice is as thorough as her methodological process of exploring, sensing, testing, and reworking as a practitioner. In this case she had to patiently develop new methods as she worked alongside architects, engineers, builders, hospital employees etc., developing the piece as the new building emerged.