Åsa Helena Stjerna


Constantly running:


• The Well – Permanent sound installation (since 2014)

Swedish Institute, Paris

Commissioner: Swedish Art Agency

Information about the Well


• Sky Brought Down/Himmel nedtagen (2017)

Permanent sound installation for Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset,

Gothenburg university hospital






co-editing a special issue of the journal Public Art Dialogue, with Charles Eppleya, on the topic of sonic public art.



• University Hospital of Örebro, Sweden (2020)

Permanent sound installation

In cooperation with artist Jesper Norda



• Stockholm Konst (2019)

Permanent sound installation for Boberg school, Stockholm







• Single Exhibition at the Aguélimuseum, Sala, Sweden August 2018

as part of a previous residence period at Sala municipaly.



• Artist in residence Sala kommun (Sala municipaly, Sweden ) March 2018









• Audiorama "Compoz" Book Release November 22d 2017

Panel discussion: Åsa Stjerna and Henrik Frisk

Information about the festival



• Sky Brought Down/Himmel nedtagen

Official opening November 7th 2017

Permanent sound installation for Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset,

Gothenburg university hospital

The work, 16-channels vertically stretched out over five floors in a new atrium,

is a real-time based sound installation sonifiying the sky outside the buildning



• Festival “Sonification – Audible Data Streams” 27 – 29th October 2017

Berlin Society of New Music

Information about the festival


– Live Performance: "Von Himmel Holen"


– Panel disussion: Sonification as extending compositional means: Sonifications‐Interfaces as Instrument?

Teilnehmer: Jasmine Guffond (AUS), Prof. Florian Dombois (CH), Marcus Schmickler (D), Åsa Stjerna (S),

Prof. Volker Straebel (D). Moderation: Marcus Gammel (D)



• Klangstaetten– Stadtklaenge 2017

International Sound Art Exhibition, Braunschweig, Germany

September 2017



• Sound of Sörmland 2017 (June-August)

Contributing with the sound installation "Songs From the Backside of Society"

Information about the installation



• Drawing Commission, Stockholm Konst (Spring 2017)

Permanent soundart work




• Finalist in the international competition

European Soundart Award 2016 /Marler Medienkunst-Preise 2016

Exhibition 23.10.2016-12.02.2017

at Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Germany

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• Pendula Bergiorum (Parken som Tid)

(Pendula Bergiorum (The Park as Time)

in OEI | Grön våglängd; trädgårdar, parker, växter




• Ljud, Affekt och det offentliga rummet

– Ett samtal mellan Åsa Stjerna och Christoph Cox

in Nutida Musik, hösten 2016




• Sound, Affect and Public Space

– A conversation between Åsa Stjerna and Christoph Cox

in Dirty Ear Report #1, Errant Bodies Press, Fall 2016

Information about Errant Bodies Press




• Mare Balticum – A Sonic Portrait of the Baltic Sea

September 17th - November 9th 2016

Single Exhibition

KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

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• Mare Balticum – A Sonic Portrait of the Baltic Sea

September-November 2016

Single exhibition

Ronneby Konsthall, Sweden

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• Songs from the backside of society | Sånger från samhällets baksida

– Site specific sound installation May 25th -September 30th

Entrence to Varberg Fortress, Sweden | Varbergs fästning

Songs from the backside of society is a four channel sound installation

based on interwievs with ex-prisoners – one of the most excluded groups of society - and

their experience of NOT having access to the city and society as such.

Made in conjunction with the society of Criminals Return Into Society

KRIS – Kriminellas Revansch i Samhället, Halmstad.


Made as part of the residence "ArtInsideOut"

Information about Art inside Out




• Stille und Krach. Workshop on Sound Art in Urban Space September 25th until October 3d 2016

Allgemeiner Konsumverein, Braunschweig, Germany

Information about Stille und Krach (In German)